Machine for Liquid Free Calibration of Laboratory Glassware

Video 1: GPB-Aero-Scale calibrating Measuring Cylinders ISO 4788

Every GPB-Aero-Scale can be equipped with exchangeable tools to calibrate

  • Measuring Cylinders

  • Burettes

  • Pipetts

  • Test- and Centrifuge Tubes

  • Measuring Flasks up to 100 ml

  • Imhoff Cones, Butyrometers and many more.

Highest accuracy:

Depiction 1: GPB-Aero-Scale’s accuracy – shown for 50 ml measuring cylinder – ISO 4788

Illustrations of the technical implementation :

Depiction 2: GPB-Aero-Scale calibrating Measuring Cylinders in size 1000 ml
Depiction 3: GPB-Aero-Scale calibrating volumetric pipettes
Depiction 4 – Detailed view: calibration of pipettes
Depiction 5: Detailed view: calibration of measuring cylinders
Depiction 6: Calibration tool for Imhoff cones